Nano Pen

The Nano pen is an innovative device that assists with infusing active ingredients. Designed to rejuvenate skin and remedy common skin concerns. It is the perfect adjunct with Skin for Life pure science professional treatment skincare.

Overall it improves scarring, lack of elasticity, excessive pigmentation, and so much more. Additionally, the infusion pen compliments other modalities too. Like, before, during, or after oxygen infusion skincare. Another innovative treatment is applying LED Light therapy after the Nano pen.

The idea of the micro-infusion pen is to create tiny micro-channels on the surface of the skin. These micro-channels become a gateway for delivering active ingredients. This benefits the skin’s performance. Improves the overall function due to the enhanced nutritional communication that Skin for Life pure science skincare provides.

Nano-channeling is the perfect complement to our immunity-driven skincare. The LSS™ delivery is designed in a nano-bio emulsion technology to deliver safe and effective immunity-driven ingredients fast for long-term skin health.

It made sense for Skin for Life to support nanotechnology delivery devices for better skin health. Preparing the skin with an at-home immunity skincare routine provides quicker, long-lasting results. Furthermore, the professional nano treatments boost the client’s skincare routine so their skin works smarter instead of harder to repair, recover and restore a healthy skin balance.

**Add on Oxygen Facial for all skin types